Instability of cryptocurrencies, profitable Rollercoaster

This year we can see that cryptocurrencies tend to move up and down even by 15% of the value on a daily basis. Such price changes are known as volatility. But what if… this is perfectly normal և sudden changes are one of the characteristics of cryptocurrencies that allow you to make a good profit?
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First of all, cryptocurrencies have appeared in the mainstream very recently, so all the news about them և the talk is “hot”. After each announcement by government officials about the possible regulation or prohibition of the cryptocurrency market, we notice huge price movements.

Second, the nature of cryptocurrencies is more like a “value store” (as gold once was) – many investors see them as a back-up investment in stocks, physical assets, such as gold (traditional) currencies. Transfer speed also affects cryptocurrency volatility. For the fastest, the transfer takes even a few seconds (up to a minute), which makes them a great asset for short-term trading if there is currently no good trend towards other types of assets.
What everyone should keep in mind. This speed also corresponds to the life trends of cryptocurrencies. While trends in regular markets can last for months or even years, here they occur even in days or hours.

This leads us to the next point. Or we are talking about a market worth hundreds of billions of dollars, it is still very small compared to the daily volume of trade compared to the traditional currency market or stocks. Therefore, a single investor making 100 million transactions in the stock market will not cause a huge change in prices, but this is a significant transaction on the scale of the cryptocurrency market.

Because cryptocurrencies are digital assets, they are subject to technical and software upgrades to cryptocurrency features or expanded blockchain collaboration, making it more attractive to potential investors (as SegWit activation has largely doubled the value of Bitcoin).

These elements are combined: the reasons why we notice such huge changes in cryptocurrency prices in a few hours, days, weeks, etc.

But answering the question of the first paragraph. One of the classic rules of trading is to buy cheap, sell high, and then have short but strong trends every day (instead of weaker ones that last for weeks or months, as in stocks), giving you much more opportunities. get a decent profit if used properly.

Visa says you can buy almost anything except cryptocurrencies

This week’s news is that several banks in the US: UK have banned the use of credit cards to buy cryptocurrencies (CC’s). It is impossible to believe the mentioned reasons, for example, money laundering, attempts to limit gambling, protecting the retail investor from too much risk. Interestingly, banks will allow debit card purchases, making it clear that the only risks protected are theirs.

With a credit card, you can gamble in a casino, buy weapons, drugs, alcohol, pornography, whatever you want, but some banks and credit card companies want to ban you from using their ability to buy cryptocurrencies. There must be several reasons to believe, these are NOT the reasons given.

One of the things banks are afraid of is how difficult it will be to seize CC funds when a credit card holder does not pay. It would be much harder than rebuilding a house or car. Crypto wallet personal keys can be stored on a memory card or paper, easily removed from the country without a trace or trace. Some crypto wallets may have high value, և credit card debt may never be repaid, leading to a bankruptcy declaration զգալի significant loss of the bank. The wallet still contains cryptocurrency, և the owner can later access private keys և use the local CC Exchange in a foreign country to convert և to save money. Really naughty scenario.

We certainly do not support such illegal behavior, but the banks are aware of the possibility, some of them want to close it. This can not happen in the case of debit cards, as banks never go out of pocket. The money goes out of your account immediately, և only if you have enough money to start there. We are struggling to find honesty in the history of the bank in limiting the risks of gambling. Interestingly, Canadian banks do not jump on this bandit, perhaps realizing that the reasons for this are false. As a result of these actions, investors և consumers are now realizing that credit card companies և banks can really limit what you can buy with your credit card. They do not advertise their cards in this way, which is probably a surprise to most users who are accustomed to deciding what to buy, especially from CC Exchanges and all the other merchants who have entered into trading agreements with these banks. The stock exchanges have not done anything wrong, neither have you, but the fear and greed in the banking sector are causing strange things. This further shows the extent to which the banking industry is threatened by cryptocurrencies.

At the moment, there is little cooperation, trust or mutual understanding between the fiat money world և CC world և. The CC world does not have a central oversight body where regulations can be applied in general, և it makes every country in the world try to figure out what to do. China has decided to ban CCs, Singapore and Japan accept them, and many other countries are still scratching their heads. What they have in common is that they want to collect taxes on CC investment profits. This is not so different from the early days of digital music, as the Internet promotes the unfettered distribution of unlicensed music. Digital music licensing schemes were eventually developed and adopted because listeners paid little for their music rather than endless piracy, and the music industry (artists, producers, record companies) was better off with reasonable licensing fees than nothing. : Could there be a compromise in the future of fiat և digital currencies? As people around the world become more fed up with the outrageous profits of banks, the over-exploitation of banks in their lives, there is hope that consumers will be treated with respect, not forever with high saddle costs, with unreasonable restrictions.

Cryptocurrencies և blockchain technology increase the pressure around the world to reach a reasonable compromise. this is a change of game.

Stay with us!

6 Incredible Benefits of Cryptocurrency

People have been talking a lot about cryptocurrency over the last few years. At first, this business seemed scary, but people started to trust it. You can hear about Ether և bitcoin. They are both cryptocurrencies and use Blockchain technology for the highest possible security. Currently these currencies are available in several types. Let’s learn more about it.
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How can cryptocurrency help you?

As for fraud, this type of currency can not be counterfeited, as it is digital – can not be reversed or counterfeited, unlike credit cards.
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Immediate settlement

Buying real estate involves third parties, such as attorneys and notaries. Thus, delays can occur և additional costs may arise. Bitcoin contracts, on the other hand, are designed to enforce or exclude third parties. Transactions are fast, և calculations can be done instantly.
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Lower fees

There is usually no transaction fee if you want to exchange Bitcoin or any other currency. There are minors who pay online to check the transaction. Although there is a zero transaction fee, most buyers or sellers hire third-party services, such as Coinbase, to set up and maintain their wallets. If you do not know, these services work just like Paypal, which offers a web exchange system.
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Theft identification

Your salesperson receives your entire line of credit when you provide them with your credit card. This is true even if the transaction amount is very small. In fact, it happens that credit cards work on the basis of a “pull” system, where the online store withdraws the required amount from the account associated with the card. Digital currencies, on the other hand, have a “push” mechanism where the account holder sends only the required amount without additional information. So, there is no possibility of theft.
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Open access

According to statistics, the number of Internet users reaches 2.2 billion, but not all have access to the usual exchange. Thus, they can use the new payment method.
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As for decentralization, an international computer network called Blockchain technology manages the Bitcoin database. In other words, bitcoin is under the control of the network, there is no central government. In other words, the network works with a partner-based approach.
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Because cryptocurrency is not based on exchange rates, transaction fees or interest rates, you can use it internationally without any problems. So you can save a lot of time և money. In other words, bitcoin այլ other such currencies are recognized all over the world. You can count on them.
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So, if you are looking for a way to invest your extra money, you may want to consider investing in Bitcoin. You can become a miner or an investor. However, make sure you know what you are doing. Security is not a problem, but there are other things to keep in mind. We hope you find this article useful.
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5 Benefits of Cryptocurrency Trading

When it comes to cryptocurrency trading, you need to consider whether your chosen market will rise or fall in value. And the interesting thing is that you never own a digital asset. In fact, trading is done with derivatives such as CFDs. Let’s look at the benefits of cryptocurrency trading. Read on to find out more.
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While cryptocurrency is a new market, it is quite volatile due to short-term speculative interest. The price of Bitcoin has dropped from $ 19,378 in 2018 to $ 5,551 in just one year. However, the value of other digital currencies is quite stable, which is good news.
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This world is so exciting for cryptocurrency volatility. Price movements give great opportunities to traders. However, this also carries a high risk. So if you decide to go it cheap and risk the low bandwidth you are only fooling yourself.
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Working hours

As a rule, the market is open for trade 24/7, as it is not regulated by any government. Moreover, transactions are made between buyers and sellers around the world. There may be short downtime during infrastructure upgrades.
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Improved liquidity

Liquidity refers to how quickly digital currency can be sold for cash. This feature is useful because it allows you to make faster transactions, better accuracy and better pricing. In general, the market is kind of liquid, as financial transactions take place on different exchanges. So a small trade can make a big difference in prices.

Leverage detection

Because CFD trading is a leverage product, you can take a stand on what we call a “margin”. In this case, the deposit value is part of the trade value. So you can have a great impact on the market without investing too much money.
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The loss or gain will reflect the value of the position at the time of closing. Therefore, if you trade on the margin, you can make a huge profit by investing a small amount of money. However, it also increases the losses that can exceed your deposit. Therefore, before investing in CFDs, make sure you consider the total value of the position.
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It can also ensure that you follow a solid risk management strategy that includes appropriate boundaries and stops.

Quick account opening

If you want to buy cryptocurrencies, make sure you do it through exchanges. All you need to do is sign up for an exchange account and keep the currency in your wallet. Keep in mind that this process can be time consuming and time consuming. However, once the account is created, the rest of the process will be fairly smooth with no complications.

In short, these are some of the most popular cryptocurrency trading options here and now. We hope you find this article very useful.

Good reasons to use cryptocurrency bitcoin

Bitcoin is a relatively new type of currency that is just beginning to hit major markets.

Critics point out that the use of bitcoins is not safe because:

  • They have no real value

  • They are not regulated

  • They can be used to carry out illegal transactions

All the major players in the market are still talking about bitcoins. Here are some good reasons why this cryptocurrency should be used.

Fast payments – When payments are made through banks, the transaction takes several days, just as money transfers take a long time. On the other hand, Bitcoin transactions in virtual currency are generally faster.

“Zero confirmation” transactions are instantaneous, where the trader accepts the risk, which has not yet been confirmed by the Bitcoin blockchain. If the merchant needs confirmation, the transaction takes 10 minutes. This is much faster than any interbank transfer.

cheap – Credit or debit card transactions are instant, but you will be charged for this privilege. In the case of Bitcoin transactions, the fees are usually low and in some cases free.

No one can take it away. Bitcoin is decentralized, so no central government can take away interest on your deposits.

No charge – When you trade bitcoins, they disappear. You can not claim them back without the consent of the recipient. Thus, it is difficult to commit repayment fraud, which is often encountered by people with credit cards.

People buy goods և if they find it defective, they contact the credit card agency for a refund, effectively canceling the transaction. The credit card company does this and charges you an expensive refund of $ 5-15.

Secure personal information – Credit card numbers are stolen during online payments. Bitcoin transaction does not require any personal data. To make a transaction you need to combine your personal key և bitcoin key.

You just have to make sure that your personal key is not accessed by strangers.

It is not inflationary. The Federal Reserve prints more dollars when the economy collapses. The government injects the newly created money into the economy, causing the currency to depreciate, thus causing inflation. Inflation reduces the ability of people to buy things as commodity prices rise.

Bitcoins have a limited supply. The system was designed to stop mining more bitcoins, reaching 21 million. This means that there will be no problem of inflation, but deflation will start, where the prices of goods will decrease.

Semi-anonymous actions – Bitcoin is relatively private but transparent. Bitcoin address is detected in the blockchain. Everyone can look at your wallet, but your name will be invisible.

Easy micro payments – Bitcoins allow you to make free micropayments, such as 22 cents.

Fiat Currency Exchange – Bitcoins are a good way to hold national currencies that have capital controls և high inflation.

Bitcoins are becoming legal. Major institutions, such as the Bank of England and the Fed, have decided to trade bitcoins. More and more companies like Reditt, Pizza Chains, WordPress, Baidu and many other small businesses are now accepting Bitcoin payments. Many binary trades – Forex brokers – allow you to trade bitcoins.

Bitcoin is the pioneer of a new era of cryptocurrency, a technology that allows you to look at the future currency.

A guide for beginners in cryptocurrency exchange

Cryptocurrency Exchange or Digital Currency Exchange is a business that involves the exchange of cryptocurrencies with other assets, such as money or any other digital currency. It is a web service that provides e-transactions with e-mails for a fee.

Any transaction or transaction on the digital currency exchange can be carried out by debit-credit cards, postal money order or any other type of money transfer. This article discusses the various cryptocurrency exchanges that make it easy for beginners to trade cryptocurrencies, what they offer in terms of accessibility, ease of use, security, deposit / withdrawal methods, and fees. We hope this cryptocurrency trading guide helps you get started on cryptocurrency exchanges.

Coinbase / GDAX:

Coinbase is one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges based in San Francisco, California. Available in 32 countries, it currently serves more than 10 million customers. Launched in 2012, it has an easy-to-use interface that makes digital currency exchange an easy task for the non-technical person. It is also available for iOS and Android. Unfortunately, Coinbase does not provide cryptocurrency mining for beginners, it only provides exchanges.

It currently offers four coins: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum և Litecoin. It exchanges digital currency in US dollars, euros and British pounds. With minimal transfer fees, Coinbase has never had any security breaches, making it the perfect platform for digital currency exchange. In addition, Coinbase also offers a fully advanced exchange called GDAX. It offers more advanced features և different և better merchant fees than Coinbase.


Bitstamp is one of the platforms that provides digital currency exchange. It is relatively easy to use է offers more advanced features through TradeView. Bitstamp offers coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash և Ripple. It exchanges digital currency for US dollars and euros. You can use practically all the latest cryptocurrency trading techniques on this exchange.

It offers home deposits via bank transfers և supports debit / credit cards. The only downside that can be found on Bitstamp is the slightly higher fees – the fact that it has had one security breach during its 7 years of operation. However, it is one of the most reliable exchanges. It is available on both iOS and Android.


Gemini is a UK based company founded in 2015 by Winklevoss twins. It is available in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea. One of the disadvantages of this platform is that it is not very user friendly. Thus, beginners are not recommended to use this platform.

It offers two coins և 1 FLAT currency Bitcoin Cash, Ehtereum և USD. The twins follow strict protocols when it comes to security, նա as of 2018, he has not encountered any security breaches, thus making it one of the safest and most reliable digital currency platforms. However, it is possible to have digital currency investment strategies before you start trading.

Digital tick

Digital ticks is a modern crypto exchange that aims to be a game changer in this area. They have introduced many of the latest techniques that make it easy for anyone to start a business.

It has a unique feature called Single Portfolio View, which allows traders to see all the positions in a single portfolio. It will be easy for traders to make informed decisions about cryptocurrency exchange using this unique feature. It also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Dashcoin.


Kraken is one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchange platforms. Launched in 2011, Kraken is the largest stock exchange in terms of trading volume of euro pairs. It serves all over the world, including the United States.

Kraken offers a range of coins, including Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Monero, Augur, Litecoin and many more. It also supports deposits / withdrawals via bank transfers and cryptocurrencies. With a less-than-friendly interface, it also suffers from stability and performance issues, but it is still a good platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies.


Bitfinex is the largest cryptocurrency exchange platform. Launched in 2012, it has an easy-to-use interface, offers a number of advanced features such as margin trading, margin financing, and more. It is available for both iOS and Android platforms. It offers BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, IOTA, XMR և NEO.

Like previous cryptocurrency exchanges, it supports cash transfers in US dollars and euros via bank transfers. Bitfinex had two security breaches, the first being in May 2015, which resulted in a loss of $ 330,000. And the second, in August 2016, which led to a loss of $ 72 million.


EtherDelta is a decentralized exchange that facilitates direct communication with partners. It is very different from the previously discussed cryptocurrency exchange platform. The funds are stored here on a smart contract on the Ethereum network, from which you are solely responsible for the deposit: withdrawal. EtherDelta currently only supports Ehtereum-based tokens.

EtherDelta has a rather confusing interface that makes it difficult for users to exchange cryptocurrencies. Once upon a time, someone tried to buy 750 Kyber 0.007 ETH each, but eventually bought it at 0.007 KNC for 750 ETH.


After looking at the various cryptocurrency exchange platforms, we can confidently say that Coinbase և Bitstamp stands out for its good features such as security, user-friendly interface, multiple withdrawal / transfer methods և much more.

I would not call them perfect, but I would recommend it as the safest bet you can make. Each cryptocurrency exchange platform is unique, has its advantages and disadvantages. We just have to choose the one that suits our needs. We hope this guide to major cryptocurrency exchanges աջ offers you a journey through cryptocurrency trading.